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Belco is founded on the idea of a one stop shop for emergency vehicle outfitting. We stand alone in providing departments the freedom of their equipment needs. They receive the highest quality work for the best price and fast turn around to get their cars back in the streets.

Who We Are


Emergency Equipment





Why Choose Belco?

Great Pricing - We understand equipment and lighting can really add up quick. Our competitive pricing ensures you will always be getting the best deal possible on all our products!

Fast Turn Around - Time is money. That's why here at Belco we prioritize time and quality to ensure you get your vehicle as soon as possible without compromising the quality. 

Quality Work - It's obvious you want your car to look great with no questions asked. Here at Belco, we want your vehicle to exceed your expectations. Our goal it to ensure your equipment lasts until your next build.

Freedom - Equipment is expensive. If you already have equipment or leftover lights from a previous car, we will happily install them. You are in full control of your setup, we will work with you to decide the best way to build your car.

Even after the installation process, we will work with you for any service needs. Whether it be malfunctioning equipment, add-ons to your vehicles, or any touch-ups you are not completely satisfied with just let us know and we will fix it. 

What people are saying about us!

"If you need emergency lighting on a vehicle make sure to check these guys out. I am a Captain on the fire department and need to efficiently get to the other side of town to the station in an emergency, from my full time job. They completed the lighting and siren set up in my truck professionally. It is hidden so I can still go on a date with my wife in my F-150 Lariat and not look like a nerd. Pricing was extremely fair compared to the others in the area. These guys and gals know what they are doing. Very courteous and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend them." ~ Bob Koch

"Very friendly and helpful, staff will even point you to a decent place if they can't get the equipment you need."

~ Aaron Diers

"Excellent Costumer Service!!"

~ Bob Defatte 

"Some of the best in the business. Prompt, diligent, knowledgeable, and friendly...what more could you ask for?"

Andrew Pickert

"Great guys to work with---Very reasonable prices, trustworthy, professional and accommodating!"

~ Robyn Schmidt Klaila

If you have a police vehicle, this is the place! Great graphics department as well." ~ Daniel Furseth

"Thank you Belco for a job well done! Already had my first transport in the new truck! Keep up the great work!"

~ Matt Joski 

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