Authorized Distributors

As a distributor for all the products shown below, we have the ability to order and install any of them. If you are interested in buying anything feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we will be sure to work with you!

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Z3 Light Controller

Code 3 is primarily what we sell for lighting. These very bright LED lights and lightbars are a reasonable price and are well built to last you a long time.

Popular Code 3 Equipment


  • M180S Mirror Lights

  • C100U Siren

  • Pursuit Light Bar

  • Citadel

  • Supervisor

Go Rhino is our main supplier for quality push bumpers and cages for a wide variety of vehicles at a great price.

Popular Go Rhino Products

  • Push bumpers with wraps

  • Front Cages

  • Rear Cages

  • Prisoner Seats

  • Door Panels

Gamber Johnson supplies us with quality consoles and computer docks that we sell for most of our builds.

Popular Gamber Johnson Products

  • Various style of center consoles

  • Motion attachments

  • Universal computer docking stations

  • Arm rest printers

Havis has a wide variety of products ranging from dog kennels for many types of cars to timers and consoles. 

Popular Havis Products

  • K9 kennels and accessories

  • Consoles

  • Computer Docks

Mobilestrong sells strong durable storage boxes for vehicles with various styles and materials.

Popular Mobilestrong boxes

  • Boxes for various trucks

  • SUV boxes

  • Mobile work stations

  • Accessories for the boxes

Cab Solutions is a local business (For Belco) started by a police officer in Wisconsin. They make printer mounts that go on the passenger side headrest instead of a bulky armrest. 

Tigertough makes strong long-lasting seat covers for vehicles. They also do custom stitching on the seats making each seat unique!